Guardian is not working over Wi-Fi or unable to connect
Learn troubleshooting tips for some versions of iOS experiencing connection issues over WiFi

We understand some users on iOS devices are noticing an issue where the VPN is trying to connect but as a result appears to force the device off Wi-Fi or shows no internet even though the device settings shows connected to Wi-Fi or the device is seemingly stuck in "protecting..." trying to connect. We've had some reports of other VPNs running into this issue in iOS as well.

At this time, Android devices do not appear to be affected by this issue.

Below are some recommended steps to attempt to re-establish connection.

  • Open Guardian Firewall settings and tap on "Reset Configuration". This action will clear the host field. Next, tap on Advanced and then tap "Clear General Data Cache." This action ensures that you will be able to start a new connection.

  • Prior to connecting to Guardian Firewall, switch from Wi-Fi to a cellular connection

  • Open Control Center and toggle Airplane mode on and then toggle off again to refresh the network

  • Open your device settings and navigate to General > VPN > tap on(i) next to Guardian Firewall and then select "delete VPN." This will remove the VPN profile so the next time you open Guardian Firewall, you will be prompted to install the new VPN Profile and start a fresh connection  

    You may find that the issue only happens some of the time. We are working on a better solution, but unfortunately the crux of the problem is based on how Apple designed VPN handling in iOS itself. Relying on the VPN Frameworks in iOS oftentimes means this functionality is restrictive by design. To fix it, we will need to re-write parts of that ourselves in order for it to function more smoothly in these situations.

    There is indeed a path forward, but it is unclear at this time when we will be able to complete the full solution for this, as it is surprisingly complex. Please rest assured that once we have this working with our own implementation and a complete resolution is established, we will make an official announcement.

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