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Privacy first by design
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We do not log any user sessions while connected to our VPN servers

All traffic sent while connected to our VPN is end-to-end encrypted for privacy

There is no login or account necessary to begin using Guardian Firewall. Therefore, there is no "account" that could be compromised and/or leaked.

+ Alerts
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This is where users can see what trackers have been detected or blocked on their device. The alerts are sorted into four types. The number at the top of the Alerts menu demonstrates how many times these types of unwanted connections have been blocked or detected. This is a numerical representation of how often these trackers and other connections are attempting to pull information or data from your device.

+ Firewall
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A firewall is software that runs on a network that is designed to block unauthorized access to your personal data or information while still allowing you to use the apps and visit websites normally on your device. There are different types of firewalls regarding how they function but the end goal is the same: Block or prevent unwanted connections from your device as you use your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

+ Host
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When a user presses the G Shield to connect, they are connected to one of Guardian's VPN servers which establishes the VPN connection for secure and private internet browsing. The host a user is connected to can be found in the Settings tab of Guardian Firewall app.  

+ Proxy
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Proxy or Proxy server, is a computer that acts as an access point between a local network such as your device and a larger-scale network such as the internet. These are used as a security measure.

+ Tracker
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A bit of code that is often embedded within the code of an App, website or even email that works to request and retrieve information as you use apps, websites and open emails. They often piggyback off of permissions granted within an app, such as allowing a weather app to use your location to determine weather in your area. The weather app might ping for your location once, but since it has the ability, the tracker within the app may ping for your GPS coordinates multiple times over a short period to record this information into a much larger database.