How can I change my location or host when connecting to Guardian?
Choose to connect to any server region from our global network of servers within Guardian settings

The Guardian Firewall+VPN is designed to automatically connect you to the most proximate server to you based on system timezone. We do this to preserve your privacy so that we never have to know or request to know your physical location. This means if you change the time zone in your device settings, you will connect to a different server that correlates to that time zone. However, if you want more control over your connection, we have also introduced manual selection of a server region.

Location selection has arrived! This feature allows you to choose from server regions that cover our global network of servers.  We have developed this feature in a way that will allow personal choice but also will automatically reroute to avoid connecting to a congested server. The only caveat is, the farther away the connection the more likely it is to cause more latency due to the distance the information has to travel.

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