Why are certain apps or websites not working while Guardian is on?
Apps or websites may block access when a VPN connection is detected

There are many different reasons some applications or websites block access when using a VPN service. Some apps might flag the use of a proxy and automatically prevent the user from accessing their services while Guardian Firewall is enabled. This is commonly found with streaming applications or banking/gambling applications where there is an exchange of money happening. The app may be blocking an anonymous connection to their services for fraud protection while you are attempting to protect your privacy by remaining anonymous.

It is important to understand that using our Exceptions feature described below will not solve issues with geoip restrictions for streaming services. (i.e. using a VPN to connect to another country to access restricted streaming services)

  • For iOS devices, we have a feature available, Exceptions, which will allow some of these apps or websites that reportedly do not play well with Guardian Firewall, to continue to work as normal without causing errors. You can access this feature by navigating to Guardian Settings > Exceptions. Choose from our curated list of researched apps, or manually enter a domain to exclude it from being filtered by the Firewall and VPN.

  • For Android devices, we also have an Exceptions feature, but this will only include Applications and there is no way to add individual domains at this time. This feature leverages functionality built directly into Android to be able to exclude apps on the device from being filtered by the Firewall and VPN.

If you have experienced specific apps either not in the list on iOS or still not working with Guardian Firewall enabled, please contact us with the name of the app that is not in the list or is not working for you by emailing us at support@guardianapp.com.

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