Guardian and Brave Browser Partnership
Learn about our partnership with Brave browser
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Guardian is a proud partner of Brave Browser. You can find Brave VPN right within the browser itself with protection system wide. Folks can purchase a subscription to Brave VPN (powered by Guardian) directly through Brave's website at or through Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. The Brave VPN includes the Firewall + VPN service to block third party trackers systemwide and protect your information through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

Brave VPN is compatible with

iOS with subscription purchased through App Store (monthly or annually) or directly from Brave (monthly)

macOS with subscription purchased directly from Brave (monthly)

Android  with subscription purchased through Google Play (monthly or annually) or directly from Brave (monthly)

Windows with subscription purchased directly through Brave (monthly) 

Brave VPN includes subscription sharing across different platforms but is limited to 5 devices per subscription. Regardless of if you have a subscription through Google Play, App Store, or directly from Brave, you may share your subscription cross platform for the most effective protection.

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