Guardian and eero Partnership
Learn about our partnership with eero

Guardian is a proud partner of eero by Amazon. Folks that are subscribed to eero Plus are able to activate Guardian VPN directly in the eero application as a part of their subscription. Additionally, eero Plus subscribers are provided with the ability to activate a Guardian Pro subscription on Guardian's website in order to access the Firewall protection as well as VPN protection across iOS, macOS and Android devices.

Guardian Pro included with eero Plus is available on the following platforms:




Amazon Firestick

The main difference between connecting Guardian VPN within the eero application and connecting Guardian within the Guardian application is that turning on Guardian within the eero application is strictly a VPN connection only. When you connect your Guardian Pro account within Guardian app, you are protected by both the Firewall and VPN which blocks 3rd party trackers, unwanted connections, and encrypts your information through the VPN tunnel.

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