DNSFilter Data Retention Policy
Learn about DNSFilter's data retention policy covering what data and why the content is retained

DNSFilter retains aggregate DNS query content for the purposes of threat detection, such as early discovery of malware, phishing websites, and similar unwanted activity.

From the DNSFilter resolver’s perspective, DNS requests will all appear to originate from the Guardian node that you’re connected to, ensuring that any DNS requests sent are mixed with the DNS requests of all other opted-in users connected to the Guardian gateway that your device is connected to.

The query data will not be shared with third-parties. The intention of this opt-in functionality is to allow you a mutually beneficial choice: By contributing anonymous DNS query data, you will be able to benefit from the aggregate research and analysis performed on this data through DNSFilter’s machine learning models. The desired result is to proactively block new unwanted connections, prior to any human researcher or threat feeds becoming aware of the characteristics of the connection.

For more information please refer to the DNSFilter privacy policy

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