Why is Guardian showing higher than expected data usage on my device?
Learn why Guardian may appear to be using a lot of data on your device, but in fact is not actually.

If you are noticing that Guardian app shows a high data usage on your device, this is likely due to using the WireGuard protocol when connecting the service and is actually expected.

Due to how WireGuard functions, Guardian will show as if ALL data is flowing through the Guardian app rather than each app individually which can greatly skew what is shown in the list of apps and their data usage. This is not an indication that battery drain is happening through Guardian's service since it is visually showing data usage of the entire device going through Guardian while Guardian is enabled. Although it may seem understandably alarming, Guardian's services do not create massive data usage or battery drain, but all traffic regardless of which app is being used is being protected by sending information and data through the VPN tunnel.

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