What is the cost of Guardian Firewall + VPN?
Subscription options and pricing across platforms

All of our subscriptions include a free 7-day trial.

Our Firewall + VPN has two separate subscription options and a single use Day Pass which all include a high speed VPN connection. The tracker alerts will show in the Alerts menu that they are blocked on any of these tiers.

Guardian Subscription options through the App Store cover one AppleID and up to 5 devices using the same AppleID

  • $0.99 USD 24 Hour Day Pass
  • $9.99 USD per month
  • $99.99 USD per year

Guardian Pro includes family sharing, real-time push notifications for alerts, access to Guardian for macOS and more. Family sharing includes access up to 5 family members.

  • $149.99 USD per year

Guardian Pro is now available for iOS and Android devices when purchasing directly through our website and include access to Guardian for macOS, family sharing, and more.

  • $124.99 USD per year Guardian Pro

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